1Úton International Pilgrimage

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Along the whole passage of the Way of Mary, the Mária Út Association and the Maria Radio are organizing a pilgrimage – for a mutual aim –, for the families on the 16th of August 2014, after the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This pilgrimage which is going to be organized in every year, is called 1Úton and is touching more than a hundred places in Austria, in Hungary and in Transylvania.

The 1Úton pilgrimage is going to be a significant experience; through which the miracle comes alive: the people are going on the pilgrimage to each other, beside each other, for themselves and for their families. In today’s divided world, people experience unity which has a tremendous spiritual significance. Everyone is invited who has a family, who comes individually or who would like to join the pilgrimage on the 16th of August for a long or a short passage along the Way of Mary. Civil organizations, ecclesiastical organizations, schools and communities are going to join the 1Úton pilgrimage. By the experience which people go through together, with the mutual singing and the cross at the front, people from all different places can build connections with each other.

Pilgrimage is a lifestyle which brings us closer to each other and to God – step by step – when at the same time it opens the world for us...




What is the main goal of 1Úton?

The pilgrimage which touches several countries gives a spiritual experience for everyone who takes part in the event. The participants not only get to know each other but they will get closer to themselves as well. They are going to encounter such values which are increasingly needed in today’s divided society.

In the meantime, people will get in touch with nature, improve their health and marvel at the Pannonian basin’s immanent historical monuments and treasures.

The 1Úton pilgrimage creates unity. In every passage hundreds are going to walk in each other’s company, alongside each other, helping each other and paying attention to each other. In peace, harmony and safety, all in all, in unity.


1Úton: a spiritual experience

During the pilgrimage encounters will take place between people and people and between God and people. When people keep going to reach a physical goal, they realize that their whole journey is accompanied by a supernatural world’s safety.

This way the pilgrim faces himself/herself. The pilgrim recognizes his/her own values and limits, he/she can receive answers to his/her questions and problems. The pilgrim receives a direction, a guidance about what values to follow, which cornerstones are going to hold him/her in life.

The 1Úton pilgrimage can turn into a life changing experience for those who are open to live and experience connections. The questions of our lives are open while we are here on earth. We decide whether we dare to choose the more difficult road.


1Úton: achievement

To participate in the pilgrimage, you don’t have to choose a passage which takes several weeks to complete. To walk for a whole day is a challenge in itself. The reason being, people make physical effort to reach an external or an internal goal. Whether it’s raining or the sun is boiling hot, the pilgrim completes the passage which was appointed for him/her with his/her package on his/her back.

The person who takes part in the journey, makes a sacrifice. Not just for himself/herself but for others as well. The pilgrim makes effort to reach his/her goal.


1Úton: the love of nature

Away from the cities and villages, people encounter nature when they take part in the pilgrimage. The pilgrim looks at nature like it’s a gift, he/she wonders at every little bud, blooming flower, the rushing of the deer or a nicely kept field of wheat.

The 1Úton pilgrimage is an encounter with the soil, with a gaze into the sky.


1Úton: a lifestyle

The pilgrimage is a lifestyle which is a permanent experience for all of the participants.

Who is brave enough to take part in the pilgrimage – will walk the road even when he/she is not going to be on the actual road. After the 1Úton pilgrimage people are not going to follow the Way of Mary (Mária Út) signs but the signs born inside themselves. People’s lives and their thinking are going to be centered around being on the road eternally and an aspiration to reach a noble goal.


1Úton: trust

Being a pilgrim is about trust. It is about learning that every person is originally good and on the bottom of every person’s heart we find honour, respect and love. After the 1Úton pilgrimage, these experiences are going to become everlasting values for the pilgrims.


Who are going to participate in the pilgrimage?

About 10 thousand people are expected to take part in the pilgrimage.

A wide spectrum of people are going to participate: people with or without family, old and young, those who are lonely, sick, sportsmen, renowned public figures, civil organizations, schools, all in all, everyone who would like to get away from everyday life for one day.